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An Elite Training & Coaching Series for Today’s Business-Savvy Agent


Increasing Your Odds of a “Breakthrough”

  • Using the four probabilities of success
  • Increasing the DIPA or Direct Income Producing Activities in you daily routine
  • Decreasing the PSA or Production Supporting Activities in your schedule
  • Tracking Activity functions by the ½ hour
  • Establishing an effective time blocked schedule
  • Establishing your lead triad
  • The 5-5-5 System of Success

Four Ways to Guaranteed Income Increase

  • Applying the four ways to increase production
  1. Number of contacts
  2. Method of contacts
  3. Quality of the prospect
  4. Quality of the presentation
  • Prospecting rules for success
  • Sourcing leads and revenue results
  • Determining sales ratios of contacts to leads, appointments, closings and revenue

ABC’s of Lead Categorization

  • Developing a systematic lead categorization system
  • Six rules of lead follow-up for success
  • Tracking lead inventory numbers
  • Three key factors for a quality lead
  • DNA2 of a quality prospect

Grabbing the Prospect’s Attention 

  • Working with the seven second rule
  • Using powerful opening statements to draw in prospects
  • Opening Statement Scripts
  • Building urgency in a prospect
  • Getting the prospect face-to-face
  • Dealing with appointment objections and stalls
  • 5 Proven Steps for Handling Voicemail
  • Lead follow up Daily Action Plan

Creating Your Lead Follow-up System

  • Key factors to building your solid lead follow up system
  • Lead follow up schedules
  • How to get phone appointments
  • Handwritten Note cards and Thank You cards
  • Ending your calls with power
  • Lead follow up call review

Raising Your Value through Marketplace Knowledge

  • Moving beyond bonding and rapport to trust
  • Establish an exact picture of your market by accessing “The Big 3”
  • Using market knowledge to establish credibility and trust
  • Creating a monthly and quarterly market trends report
  • Positioning yourself as the expert through market trends reports

Breakthrough Referral Strategies

  • Creating a 45 day after the close strategy
  • Three Golden rules of referrals
  • The never-ending Thank You
  • Integrating the platinum client profile system
  • Going beyond passing out business cards

Creating Continuing Referrals

  • Discussing expectations with prospects and clients
  • Planting referral seeds at your presentation
  • Scripts for introducing the referral process
  • Determining the quality of your referrals
  • Upgrading the referral to improve the odds

Wow! Lead Call Explosion!

Hi John, Well we had an interesting day of calls yesterday.  The first ad was done yesterday (just as you instructed us) and we had a pretty huge volume of calls.  I have attached the call report for you to check out.  I was thinking that we may have a handful of calls instead we had a huge number.  We will need to be a little better prepared next time because we couldn’t handle all of the calls.  But I suppose that is a good problem to have!  Thanks for all your work

Paul Heaps, Broker/Owner –Realty Executives